Upper School

Middle School offers an advanced educational, social, and spiritual setting for early adolescents. These years combine activities in academics, social opportunities, spiritual retreats and programs, physical challenges and team building options, and preparations for a positive transition from the elementary years to high school. Our middle school students are the leaders of the school community and partner with the younger students in Mass and in educational events. These students learn to take pride in their accomplishments and to be accountable for their successes and shortcomings.

Middle School: Computer – 3 times weekly P.E. and Spanish – 2 times weekly Music and Library – 1 time weekly.

Eighth grade students prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation. Many retreats, reflections, and acts of charity make up this inspiring, life changing time of their lives.

Additionally, students are held to a standard of accountability comparable to the high schools they will be attending. Policies regarding due dates, test procedures, and requirements of work due following illness are increasingly similar to the secondary schools from grades 6-8.

Twenty service hours completed by students in grades 6-8, are required to prepare our children to be active citizens in our church and community.