About Us


St. Matthew Catholic School is open to all members of St. Matthew Parish, other parishes, and all non-Catholics without regard for ethnic origin if they meet our school’s educational standards and if space is available.



St. Matthew’s Catholic School is accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. The conference serves not only as accrediting agent for the catholic schools, but also as a liaison between the State Department of education and the respective Diocesan Offices of Education. We were last accredited in June, 2013.

Religious Activities

All students receive instruction in the Catholic faith each day. Each class (Pre-K-8th) attends Mass once a week accompanied by the homeroom teacher. All students and teachers attend Mass on Fridays (unless noted otherwise) and on Holy Days of Obligation.

All students in grades Pre-K through 8th grade participate in six enrichment courses every week: Computer Lab, Physical Education, Art, Music, Spanish and Library Skills.

Our school counselor teaches a study skills course, Study Wise, by the Excel Program, to students in grades 5 to prepare them for time management, organizational skills, learning, studying, and test-taking strategies.

Grades Offered

PreKindergarten 3 through grade 8
*VPK funding is accepted for PreKindergarten 4.

School Hours

PreK3: 7:45-2:55PM

VPK: 7:45-11:00AM / Extended Hours: 11:00-2:55PM

K-8: 7-45-2:55PM

Extended Day

Morning: 7:00-7:30AM

VPK: 11:00-2:55PM OR 11:00-6:00PM

Afternoon-PreK-8: 2:55-6:00PM

School Dress Code

Uniforms instill school spirit, make it easier to remain focused on schoolwork, reduce peer pressure for parents and students, and make our students safer through easy identification. All grades are required to wear the St. Matthew approved school uniform and physical education uniform.