The philosophy of St. Matthew’s Catholic School is to “teach as Jesus did” – by word and example. The faculty and staff strive to model that behavior which most exemplifies Christ and His teachings. It is our goal to instill throughout our teaching the knowledge and values for each student to recognize and acknowledge his/her responsibility in using individual talents as Christian citizens of our community. The principal, faculty, and staff have incorporated a school wide discipline plan that includes the Reminder System and the Foundations program with the goal of “creating a safe, civil, and productive school” in which all are committed to making available to students the behavioral and academic skills necessary to reach their fullest potential.

    At St. Matthew’s we believe:

  • Each student is a unique child of God who deserves dignity, respect, and nurturing.
  • Students must be challenged, and academic excellence must be encouraged throughout the school
    and community.
  • Students must be educated to respect the dignity and rights of every individual throughout our global society.
  • In order to develop each child to their full academic and spiritual potential, a partnership must exist between students, parents, and teachers.
  • Learning is a lifelong process and the love of learning must be instilled at an early age and always continued.
  • Various learning styles must be addressed when considering curriculum development and instruction.
  • Faculty and staff witness, model, and reflect Catholic values through service, worship, and academics.
  • Mutual respect exists between students and teachers, creating a safe and comfortable learning environment.
  • Catholic education must be deeply rooted in gospel values, church tradition, and social justice.
  • On-going faith formation for staff is available and encouraged.
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Our Boosterthon was a HUGE success! To everyone who supported our school and came out to the Fun Run, THANK YOU! Thanks again for generously supporting SMCS!

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